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Why take a Reiki training?

Gets you going, give you a community, can be a very profound experience.

What is a Reiki treatment like?

Why do you do Reiki?

Because I am in-love with it.

What Is Reiki?

Reiki is Love


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Yoga, Meditation, Self Inquiry


FLY Featured Teacher: ALISON WORBY

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Alison finished a 300hr. yoga teacher training in 2007 at Bodhi Tree Yoga. After completing her teacher training course, most of the students, as well as Kim Lawrence, travelled to India to study and practice with some amazing yoga instructors. She continues to attend yoga seminars and retreats in the city and surrounding area. In 2013 she completed an online pranayama course with Micheal Stone. Alison practices yoga everyday whether it’s asana practice, meditation, or even living the yamas and niyamas. She finds that she isn’t living authentically unless she is practicing. Alison has made life-long friends through teacher training and attending yoga classes throughout her yoga career. She continues to meet and practice with interesting and inspiring people. Students in her classes enjoy a feeling of community as they all get to know each other over time. She encourages people to ask questions, have fun, and stay in the moment. Alison has always been an active person so has found that yoga asana practice has enriched the other activities she enjoys, especially cycling and running after her two young kids! She is very involved with the Regina Cycling Club and has been competing in road bike racing all over Canada including Gran Fondo events. Not only has yoga been beneficial physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. Alison loves to incorporate meditation and breathing techniques in the classes she teaches. The stillness and happiness that can be gained from a quiet mind is something she loves to share with her students. The yoga styles Alison loves to teach include Flow yoga, Iyengar inspired yoga, and restorative yoga.

FLY Featured Teacher: ALI BELL

Ali was introduced to yoga by a roommate about 10 years ago - who obviously thought she needed it. As someone who biked all winter and ran and swam all summer, yoga became a bit of a life saver in terms of providing some physical and mental flexibility. Over the years her love of yoga quickly began to surpass her interest in other pursuits - and some may say that is because the Scottish person in her truly appreciates how much cheaper yoga is than fancy running shoes and bikes (well she still spends her money on fancy bikes). In 2007, Ali undertook a yoga teacher training program through Bodhi Tree Yoga here in Regina. Since then Ali has continued her training with a variety of different teachers from Canada, India and the US. She is a committed yoga teacher with an active physical practice and a keen interest in the anatomy and physiology of movement. Ali only knows how to do things one way; the 100% way and that is exactly what you will get from her as your teacher. Ali teaches the Level II Nooner at the MacKenzie Art Gallery, Thursdays, 12:05 - 12:50pm.

Featured Teacher: TINA HNATIUK

Teaching yoga is one of the things Tina Hnatiuk does best! She has been a full time professional yoga teacher and Life Coach for over 8 years and has loved every minute of it! She is a joyous, soulful, and inspiring teacher who offers a wide variety of styles and levels of classes to support each student's particular needs. Tina has a playful teaching style that focuses on fun and getting into your body in all its sweet glory. You will leave sweaty, happy, and connected.

Featured Teacher: CHELSEA SCHAEFER

I can remember from a young age wanting to do yoga, but it wasn't until years later that it took hold in my life. I dabbled with it a bit here and there but it didn't really stick until 2009, and I've been a regular practitioner ever since. I began apprenticing under Kim Lawrence in 2013, and in 2015 I completed my 200 hour teacher training at the beautiful Yoga Santosha in Calgary. As a lifelong lover of nature, and all things active and outdoors-ey, I initially really liked the physicality of the yoga poses. While I still really like the challenging, sweaty and what I call *fun* asanas, I have also really developed a deep appreciation for the more subtle side of the practice. I credit yoga with helping to keep me calm and grounded in my life that is often packed full of activities. It has helped me to grow and expand, to be at peace in the present moment and has brought me a deeper understanding and appreciation of myself and others. I am ever grateful to all the amazing, shiny souls I have met thus far. I have learned so very much from all of you and am excited to continue my journey and my practice both on and off the mat.

Featured Teacher: SCOTT MCLEAN

A long time member of the health and fitness communities of Regina, Scott brings his experience, irreverent sense of humour, and passion for sharing the good stuff to his yoga classes. Firey by nature, Scott was drawn to the vigorous and energetic Hot and Vinyasa styles of yoga, but found balance in the calm and quiet energetics of Yin and Restorative. Blending these elements together to create harmonious and sensual classes that link mind, body and breath is his focus. Teaching yoga since 2010 Scott is continuously amazed and delighted with the unfolding of his yogic path. Never stagnant or still, the incredible depth of Yoga continues to amaze him, and his interactions with the others he meets on this path are a source of deep inspiration and joy. Scott completed his Teacher Training with Bodhi Tree Yoga in Regina SK, with supplemental trainings in Yin, Restorative, Critical Alignment, and Flow in various fabulous places in Western Canada and Mexico. He hopes your paths will cross sometime soon!