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ChelseaI have been a student at Full Lifde Yoga for nearly 5 years.  I have never found another studio or teacher as wonderful as Kim at Full Life Yoga.  Upon entering the studio for the first time I instantly felt like I belonged.  Kim exudes warmth and a quiet happiness that you can't help but take on as well.  She does a great job of helping students make the necessary, yet intricate adjustments within their own bodies in order to get the most out of their practice.  She is the most genuinely caring and authentic person I've ever had the pleasure of knowing, and seems to attract students that share these same qualities.  I have practiced alongside many other wonderful people, and there is a real sense of community at Full Life Yoga.


Classes are the perfect combination of challenging, rewarding, exhausting, therapeutic, and nurturing.  I always leave feeling that my soul has been nurtured and carry with me a sense of peace and contentment for the rest of my day.  I have become a yoga enthusiast because of the experience I have had with Full Life Yoga, and have encouraged many others to give it a try themselves - I know they will not be disappointed.

– Chelsea
Regina, SK


MI have recently gone through a life changing experience that has left me in a personal turmoil,lack of energy/no confidence/no focus and the list goes on and on. Luckily I was able to attend a series of IRest sessions given by Kim.To see the changes in the entire group was nothing beyond unbelievable. For me I found a deep sense of love and caring that Kim just naturally sends out to the universe.The sessions were thought provoking and gave me some much needed "mind clearing".

– M




PamelaI have participated in Kim's classes for over 5 years.  She is an excellent instructor because she knows her students and plans her class to meet their needs.  Kim is also very involved in using her skills with yoga as a volunteer in the community.  I highly recommend KIm's FULL LIFE YOGA classes.

– Pamela 







Peta WhiteFull Life Yoga is a gem - fancy having such a professional studio in our local neighbourhood!  Kim is a wonderful yoga instructor and life balance goddess.  My life is richer for my time spent with her, practising yoga, and getting to know my yogi colleagues.  Kim practices in a way that supports me as an individual to enjoy the best practice I can, regardless of what everyone else is doing.  The personal care is wonderful.

– Peta White






Tracy JohnsonMondays are Yoga Days for me, and I try not to let anything interfere with my yoga practice. Kim's studio is comfortable and welcoming, and from the moment I enter I feel at peace. Kim inspires trust...she sets the tone for the morning through conversation and sharing. There is great variety in our practice, and absolutely no pressure to try poses that may be uncomfortable either physically or emotionally. Over the years Kim has become more than a yoga instructor to many of us...she is a mentor, teacher, and confidante. 

– Tracy Johnston





Shawndra WatsonKim is a "one of a kind" yoga teacher. Although you only pay for a group class, the class merits having a personalized yoga instructor. Kim in her unique way gives special attention to each member of the class. She is not one of those instructors who is there to get in her own workout - she is there for her students. She pushes just the right amount to make each person get the most out of each class. She is kind, caring and non-judging and a yoga class is just not the same without her teaching it.

– Shawndra Watson