Compassionate Presence

You do the Healing, I Simply Support the Process

Integrate and move beyond what has been holding you back.

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Over the past 6 years, through trial and error, I have found that combining Reiki and iRest Yoga Nidra, in a specific way, creates a powerful healing modality. It has been extremely effective for people who are looking for life guidance and support, for healing and recovering from grief and trauma, for coming home to a balanced aligned state of health and wholeness.

You get to lay down on the heated massage table, we will use all we’ve got to make you as comfortable as possible: blankets, pillows, eye bags, you name it! I sit at your head, fully cleansed and masked, and connect to you through Presence and Reiki (energy healing administered through the hands). I will most likely stay at your head for the entire session hovering over, touching and massaging your head, neck and shoulders.

We begin by feeling into safety, there are a couple ways to really tap into the experience of safety. My study of psychology has shown that safety is a treatment in and of itself, a lovely little bonus here. iRest, done one on one, is a co-meditation where you lead, describing what you are experiencing in your body as things arise (somatic experiencing). I offer gentle prompts to help you stay focused, to make sure you always stay connected to safety as well as helping you feel that you are not alone. Clients have come to a much deeper understanding and clarity around issues that have plagued them for years. They have reported deep emotional, physical and mental healing. It is a very wholistic modality. Restoration can happen on all levels as well as an increased sense of the ability to tap into calm presence even when challenges arise.

Reiki creates a deeply intimate connection between you and I. Science has now shown that by simply being in the same space with another our nervous systems are interacting below a conscious level. I am picking up on you and you are picking up on me. You have access to my practice and my ability to hold the space for any issue that may arise. I have access to things you might have become numb to or just don’t notice - for example a tension in the throat or a sadness in the chest. You have the conscious support of a trusted ally as you revisit non-integrated parts of your life. Together we journey, often to the root of the problem where you can find the answer(s) you have been looking for, get the clarity you desire, know the actions you are to take and the direction to move in all the while being tapped into your higher power, deep abiding, peaceful calm presence. That which you also are. Research has also shown that without a belief and especially an experience of a higher power healing often only goes so far but with this, it can go all the way!

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“A compassionate presence session with Kim feels like an all encompassing warm hug from the inside out.  It offers the best of both worlds... the deep inner exploration of irest, with the loving, healing touch and connection of Reiki.  

Sessions with Kim have helped me cope with my grief, trauma, chronic pain and health by learning to be more connected to my body sensations and emotions.  Learning to allow and lean into the tough stuff, rather than avoiding dealing with issues and living in fear, has been a game changer.  As a result, my pain is less, I am more optimistic about my health and life.

Kim is deeply compassionate and empathetic, and offers unconditional love and acceptance.  Kim is intuitive and it amazes me how often she knows the perfect thing to say or do in the moment.  Her support and caring let’s me know that I’m not alone on this challenging life journey.
Kim is the ultimate safe place to land. ♥️”


Benefits of Compassionate Presense

Reduced Stress, Anxiety, Depression & Overwhelm

Improved Outlook on Life

Deeper Understanding & Acceptance of Self

Improved Sleep

Sense of Wellbeing & Connection

Healing Trauma & Grief

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Don’t Worry About Us Being Distant: Energy Has No Boundaries!

Reiki, pronounced Ray-Key, means Universal (Rei) Life Energy (Ki) which naturally runs through all things. Reiki practitioners channel this energy, directing it through their client's energy body. This Universal Life Energy is not restricted by time or space, allowing for a healing experience no matter how far we are from each other during our session.

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