You do the Healing, I Simply Support the Process

Integrate and move beyond what has been holding you back.

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Integrative Restoration (iRest) is a contemporary adaptation of ancient practice of Yoga Nidra.  It has been developed by Richard Miller, Ph.D. who is a clinical psychologist and yogic scholar. It is a simple mindfulness meditation technique that brings about physical, psychological and spiritual healing.  When doing iRest we welcome home every aspect of ourselves, recognizing our innate perfection.  The premise of this practice is that there is nothing to fix or change.  Through the gentle, patient, and persistent practice of acceptance, we begin to unravel self-limiting beliefs and conditioning that distort our experience of the reality.  By removing these judgmental filters we achieve deeper and deeper clarity, seeing things just as they are. As clarity increases a solid sense of well-being begins to shine forth. iRest helps us return to our inherent sense of peace amidst any and all of life's challenges.

iRest Yoga Nidra is an evidenced-based protocol that is now one of the recommended treatments for PTSD in veterans. Research has shown iRest can: increase happiness; decrease stress anxiety and depression; improve sleep; increase energy; and strengthen your resilience to deal with the challenges of life.

Kim has been studying iRest since the summer of 2010. She has completed the Level III Teaching Certification and is part of the Canadian training team. She teaches iRest in group and private settings. Privates can be done very effective on skype or over the phone.

If this is your first session please book a 90 minute time, we will need it.

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iRest has been shown to:

Decrease Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Increase Happiness & Self Compassion

Strengthen Resilience

Improve Sleep

Increase Sense of Wellbeing

Improved Self-Regulation

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Don’t Worry About Us Being Distant: Energy Has No Boundaries!

Reiki, pronounced Ray-Key, means Universal (Rei) Life Energy (Ki) which naturally runs through all things. Reiki practitioners channel this energy, directing it through their client's energy body. This Universal Life Energy is not restricted by time or space, allowing for a healing experience no matter how far we are from each other during our session.

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