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Integrative Restoration (iRest) is a contemporary adaptation of the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra.  It has been developed by Richard Miller, Ph.D. who is a clinical psychologist and yogic scholar. It is a simple mindfulness meditation technique that brings about physical, psychological and spiritual healing.  When doing iRest we welcome home every aspect of ourselves, recognizing our innate perfection.  The premise of this practice is that there is nothing to fix or change, how freeing is that. Through the gentle, patient, and persistent practice of acceptance, we begin to unravel self-limiting beliefs and conditioning that distort our experience of the reality.  By removing these judgmental filters we achieve deeper and deeper clarity, seeing things just as they are. As clarity increases a solid sense of well-being begins to shine forth. iRest helps us return to our inherent sense of peace amidst any and all of life's challenges. 

iRest Yoga Nidra is an evidenced-based protocol that is now one of the recommended treatments for PTSD in veterans. Research has shown iRest can: increase happiness; decrease stress anxiety and depression; improve sleep; increase energy; and strengthen your resilience to deal with the challenges of life.

Kim has been studying iRest since the summer of 2010. She has completed the Level III Teaching Certification and is part of the Canadian training team. She teaches iRest in a group and private settings. Privates can be done very effective on skype or over the phone if you aren't in Regina.







Reiki, pronounced Ray-Key, means Universal (Rei) Life Energy (Ki) which naturally runs through everyone and everything. Reiki practitioners channel this energy and direct it into the client's energy body.  Most often Reiki energy is passed through the practitioner's hands through direct touch or hovering the hands above the recipient's body. Reiki does not conform to our views time and space so it can also be sent to anyone, anywhere making distance healing possible.

Reiki is a beautiful, gentle healing art.  It is like a soft warm river washing through your body. It can release blockages, strengthen weak areas and calm overactive areas. Reiki works on all of the body sheaths -  physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual. Recipients experience many things: tingling; fluctuating heat or cold; energy flowing through different body parts; some see vibrant images or colors; some experience emotional releases; some sense healing and increased vitality in the body/mind; some clients have experienced relief of symptoms - physical, emotional or mental; everyone feels deeply relaxed. The flow of energy and deep relaxation helps to return all human systems back to equilibrium.  When our energy is low we are much more susceptible to illness. When it is high we are glowing, healthy and strong on all levels.



This intuitive healing modality is perfect for someone who isn't sure what they need or is wanting to draw from more than one of the healing arts Kim is trained in. You will be discussing what challenges you are dealing with, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or even just a sense of something missing in your life. Together the two of you will decide on what will work best. Your session will draw from all of Kim's expertise, her ability to be deeply present and the safety that creates for you to really explore what it is you need most.

Science has now shown that when in relation with another your nervous systems are interacting beyond consciousness. You will benefit from Kim's extensive meditation and yoga practice that has enhanced her ability to remain centered and calm in the midst of challenges. This creates a deep feeling of safety which is a treatment in itself. Many of Kim's students talk about the feeling of safety they get by just being in the Full Life Yoga Studio. The new private healing space at Cathedral Wellness is also that kind of sacred space.  

Your session will be a combination of iRest (the psycho-spiritual side of yoga therapy) and Reiki (gentle energy healing). Each session will meet your specific needs at that moment.

Students report deep emotional, physical and mental release. Healing on all of these levels and a deeper sense of their own ability to tap into calm presence.

Set aside 90 minutes for these sessions as they tend to go very deep and depth can't be rushed.


Chakra means wheel or circle in Sanskrit. In the context of ancient Tantra, Taoist, and Buddhist philosophies a Chakra is an energy center in the body. Each energy center governs different areas of our lives. When one is out of balance it can affect all of the others. Interestingly each one of these centers corresponds with a large bundle nerve plexuses stemming from the cerebral cortex. No wheels but definitely energy centers.


Using the healing modalities of Therapeutic Yoga & Breath, Sound Healing, Mantra (if you are into it), and some homework, we will work on dissolving any blockages you might have. You get a full body-mind-spirit rejuvenation! Healing on all levels.  

It is going to be amazing!







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