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Wow! You are my kinda people, even if you are just having a peek : ) 

OK, so you are curious about the Full Monty. You may have looked at both retreats in detail, or you have just dove right in. Either way, all of the minute details are on each retreat's designated page. Here is the cost breakdown. You would need to pay the deposit for both as the companies we have booked with need the money to book our adventures. 


Total Deposit Due by November 10th, 2023: $2,125.00

Retreat #1 Pilgrimage in Peru: March 16th - 31st

$6,120 .00 Shared Accommodations
$6,920.00 Single Accommodations

(there are only shared accommodations on the trek)

Retreat #2 Attuned: April 3rd - 16th

$6,120.00 Shared Accommodations
$7,350.00 Singel Accommodations


Total Transformation: March 16th - April 16th

(San Pedro Extension would be separate)

$12,240.00 Shared Accommodations

$14,270.00 Single Accommodations

(You could also mix and match Shared for one, Single for another. We can discuss what would work best for you.)

You would have 3 days between check-out of #1, ending in Cusco, and check-in #2, beginning in Cusco. There are a million things you could do in those days, and you will be feeling pretty confident in Peru, so finding your way around will be a breeze. Willka T'ika is always a touchstone if you need one. 

I will most likely be in silence, integrating the first retreat and preparing for the second; otherwise, I could jet set around with you : )

You would be responsible for all accommodations, transportation and meals during these three days. 

If you are considering this option, let's set up a Zoom call.

Here is a link to do that: 

I am super excited to meet with you!



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