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Join Kim Lawrence, Psycho-Spiritual Yoga Therapist, on a Transformational Retreat
in the Sacred Valley of Peru

Experience Your Embodied Evolution while Immersed in the Authentic Spiritual and Cultural Wonders of Peru
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Supported by Kim, Andean Shamans, experienced guides, amazing women, and your inner wisdom ... come home to your big "S" Self!


For those of you who just want to make sure I’m not blowing smoke out my ass:

  • Internal Family Systems Level I Trained and pursuing Certification

  • iRest Yoga Nidra Certified Teacher and part of the Canadian Training Team

  • Reiki Master & Teacher

  • trained in Transparent Communication by Thomas Huebl

  • 1000+ hrs Certified Yoga Teacher/Therapist

  • multiple trauma and grief trainings

  • teachers: Dr. Richard Schwartz, Thomas Huebl, Dr. Richard Miller, Adyashanti, Pema Chodron, Lotus Wu, Kaivindu, Kathleen Knipp, Anne Douglas, Byron Katie, Russ Littau, David McAmond, and many more.

"We're all just walking each other home." 

Ram Dass


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Willka T'ika

Wellness Retreat Centre
Our Home for this Adventure
March 15th - March 28th, 2023

You will participate in Willka T'ika's most comprehensive retreat program for discerning guests! Carol Cumes, the founder of Willka T'ika, developed world-renowned Chakra Gardens that beautifully support your personalized therapeutic yoga program. Our adventure includes the highlights of Cusco, the major Sacred Valley sites, a special two-day visit to Machu Picchu, and of course, time to luxuriate in the sacred energy of Willka T'ika herself.

We will be assigned a highly experienced guide to accompany our group at all times. Our guide will share awe-inspiring stories of the Inca and be our translator for the transcendent Quechua words of the Qero healers. This exclusive program has proven to be the perfect tour for a group that wants to see and experience it all while tapping into authentic Andean spirituality. There is no other program that matches this Sacred Valley Retreat. They have fine-tuned it over three decades.

This Sacred Valley Retreat program allows extra time for you to journey deeper into Peru's spiritual and cultural wonders, its people, and the vibrant energy at Willka T'ika. Our group will take advantage of the various sacred spaces to practice yoga. You will find your personalized program perfectly balanced and complimentary to your adventures. The intended outcome of this retreat is holistic healing of the body, the heart, the mind, and the spirit.
I will draw from the ancient tradition of non-dual yogic practices and philosophies and the modern-day psycho-spiritual therapeutic model of Internal Family Systems (IFS).
You will profoundly deepen your connection with Nature, those around you, and those within you.

With this fully-inclusive Sacred Valley Retreat, you will enjoy the most luxurious accommodations, with its unique garden or mountain view and gourmet vegetarian meals. Your schedule allows for the perfect amount of time to pause within travels to absorb the healing energies of Willka T'ika and the timeless practices of yoga, mindfulness, and psychology.
Take a visual video tour of the gardens and see for yourself.

Willka T'ika was initially conceived and is lovingly maintained as a private garden retreat center.
It is open only to its registered guests.

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"In the Andes, Mother Earth is referred to as Pachamama. Throughout the world healers, shamans, and sages, hear Pachamama's cry to restore the planet to balance. "First heal the world, by healing yourself." She whispers while extending an invitation to mankind to return to her gardens. Go where nature draws you, breathe in the energies. Inhale the fragrant perfumes. Listen deeply, with eyes closed, as Pachamama works with you to provide all you need."
~ Carol Cumes, Founder of Willka T'ika

Kuntur Runtu Studio and gardens DSC_3323 HV_edited.jpg

Sacred Valley Retreat Highlights

  • Willka T’ika, the #1 luxury garden retreat center in the Sacred Valley—
    serene, sustainable and enchanting.

  • Renowned Seven Chakra Gardens—inspiration of the 3-time gold award-winning book “Chakra Gardens, Opening the Senses of the Soul.”

  • Vibrant, organic, vegetarian meals lovingly prepared by Willka T’ika chefs.

  • Two sun-filled garden studios for yoga, dance and large group gatherings.

  • The round Takiwasi music shala with a fireplace and an array of Andean
    musical instruments—used for group meditations and ceremonies.

  • Our Yachaywasi library has a cozy fireplace and a great selection of
    English books on all subjects.

  • Hiking beneath magnificent Andean peaks in awe-inspiring Sacred
    Valley scenery.

  • Exploration of mysterious ancient cities and temples of Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu.

  • Colorful, traditional Quechua, Incan descendants, in their mountain villages, an artist and photographer’s dream.

  • A professional local trilingual guide passionate about Andean spiritual traditions, culture, history and cosmology.

  • Participation in three ancient Incan ceremonies with authentic practicing Pakkos, Qero healers, also offering coca leaf readings and personal healing.

  • Visit to an isolated mountain community school. Experience the heartfelt practice of ayni, Andean reciprocity, and interactive activities with the students.

  • Willka T’ika Children’s Fund (WTCF) 501(c)(3) nonprofit, assisting over 750 Quechua students from five isolated subsistence-farming communities.

  • The Chaskinawasi on-site store offers unique quality jewelry, crafts and exclusive Willka T’ika products. All profits support local artists and the mission of the WTCF.

May I introduce myself

Hi, I’m Kim, and I am absolutely thrilled to be offering you this soulful adventure!


My wish for you is that this is a TRIP OF A LIFETIME!


We will be in some of the most sacred energetic sites in the world. My intention is to harness this energy, along with that of the timeless practices and philosophies of yoga, and leading-edge psychology, to support your own conscious transformation.


It’s going to be way more than just a “trip”!


I have some pretty juicy training and a lot of experience. I’ve been studying and practicing yoga for 25 years, studying and practicing different psychotherapeutic models that fit within the psychology of yoga for the past 12 years, practicing Reiki for the past 12 years, and teaching for the past 18 years. I studied Rinzai Zen for 12 years. I’m obviously old, 53 to be exact. I have marriage and parenting (males and females) experience, grandmothering experience, running a household and business experience, friend experience, sister and daughter experience, grief, and joy experience.


What do I do best? I create safety through unconditional love, acceptance, and Presence or Self-energy. This is the optimal container for healing and transformation. I can help you access your infinitely wise center and support the development of a healthy relationship between It (what we call in Internal Family Systems the Self) and your human counterparts (what we call Parts). The Self/Soul has an uncanny ability to nurture and heal the parts of you that have been wounded, traumatized, and/or taken on beliefs and burdens that are no longer serving you. I can help you shift from functioning from a place of fear and defense to a place of ease and grace.

  • Level I Trained Internal Family Systems Practitioner, pursuing certification

  • Certified iRest Yoga Nidra Teacher, Part of the Canadian Training Team

  • Reiki Master & Teacher

  • Trained in Transparent Communication & Mystical Principles of Healing with Thomas Huebl

  • Multiple Trainings in Trauma and Grief

  • Certified Yoga Teacher/Therapist, 1000+ hours, Teaching since 2004

  • Intensive studies & practice in Buddhism, Kashmir Shaivism, Advaita, and spirituality with teachers like Lotus Wu, Adyashanti, Dr. Richard Miller, Dr. Richard Schwartz, Byron Katie, Pema Chodron, Kavindu, Kathleen Knipp, Anne Douglas, etc.

What People Say About Kim

Mia Sarosi

I think you’re amazing, best therapist I ever had, by miles! I’m so grateful to you for your wisdom and guidance on my journey, and your trust in me.

Jennifer Lumbard

If you are ever going through a rough time I highly recommend you go and see Kim.

Pam Kendal-Goodale

Having a yoga class with Kim on Monday morning has been the perfect beginning to my week. Her Teaching format leaves me calm, centered, mentally, emotionally and physically prepared for the week..

Your Itinerary!

Day 1, Wed. March 15

Your Sacred Valley Retreat begins in the former capital city of the Incas, Cusco. It is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the Americas and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Our hotel is conveniently situated off the historic Plaza de Armas. Today is a day of mindfully arriving in a new sacred place. We will spend much of today resting and adjusting to the altitude. Cusco is the perfect place to become acquainted with Peru's people and its culture. At 3:00 p.m. we will meet the guide supporting us on this adventure in the hotel lobby for orientation. Then we will take a guided walk through the cobblestone streets of San Blas, enjoy the fascinating Incan stonework en route, and explore the Korikancha Temple, the holiest site during Incan times. 

Tonight we will eat at one of Cusco's outstanding restaurants.


Day 2, March 16

AM: After a yummy breakfast at the hotel, we depart for the amazing Incan ritual fountains at Tipon. “Where there is water, there is life.” Participate in an ancient Andean ceremony to honor Yaku, the spirit of water. At this picturesque site, we have the opportunity to touch the holy water to open the body’s energy centers and activate and enhance our individual creative and healing forces. This is the perfect way to begin the inner journey that will parallel the outer. 

PM: We will return to Cusco for lunch at one of its many cafés. After lunch, depart with our guide to the awesome giant stones of Saksaywaman overlooking the city of Cusco where you may choose to participate in a meditation or hike around the vast Incan site.

6:30 p.m.  Meet in the hotel lobby. Willka T’ika invites the group to dine at a wonderful Cusco Restaurant. (B.D)

Day 3, March 17

Now that we have gotten a feel for this amazing place we will begin the beautiful journey to the Willka T’ika Retreat Centre! En route, we will explore the mysterious and magical Moray Circles set amidst beautiful mountain scenery. A short distance away, we will also discover the ancient Maras salt farms. After delighting in these unique destinations we will continue on to Willka T’ika.

After a Welcome Lunch, we will be introduced to the Willka T’ika family—the Quechua staff who will take care of our needs during your stay. After meeting our family we will be taken on a guided tour of Willka T’ika and the renowned Seven Chakra Gardens. We will then meet in the Muladhara (root) Chakra garden where we will do a practice that honours our arrival at Willka T'ika, all of the things that have fallen into place so that we can all be there together and take some time to settle into ourselves, safe, secure, and connected.  Consciously arriving is a big deal anytime you arrive in a new place, a new energy field. On this trip, you will be close to 8,000kms away from home (if you live in Sask), 2300m higher than we are used to being, in an entirely different orientation to the planets, to our people, in a completely different biosphere. We will be in a brand new energy system, connected to what we know but is also different. It's important to take a minute to honor this and to begin with a solid foundation for your expedition! Afterward, you are free to make appointments for spa treatments, paid on-site. (B.L.D)

Maras hiking.jpg

Day 4, March 18

We honor the beginning of each day with the practices of yoga - meditation, breath and movement before breakfast. We will focus on a specific energy center that flows beautifully with the day's adventures. We continue with Muladhara. Muladhara or the Root Chakra is associated with survival, safety, and basic needs. It is connected with the element of earth. This day is dedicated to Pachamama, the beloved Mother Earth who resides not only in the earth but also within you. On this special day, you are encouraged to relax or meditate in the splendors of the Chakra Gardens. Sign up for an optional 15-minute private coca leaf reading with the Pakko (Qero healer), visiting from the high Andes. Optional guided walk through the nearby Rumichaka farming neighborhood where Quechua Campesinos (farmers) live. More challenging hikes along scenic routes into the valley are also offered.

Enjoy an organic vegetarian lunch at 1pm. After lunch, join me for sacred meditation and self-inquiry in the Muladhara Chakra Garden. We plant strong deep roots so that our branches can fully flower. After our time together you can schedule Andean spa treatments, and private coca leaf readings continue. After dinner, our Pakko invites guests to an authentic and transformative Andean fire ceremony to honor Pachamama, yourself, and your loved ones. The ceremony will remind us to focus our intention for this journey and serves as a wonderful preparation of mind, body, and spirit for the pilgrimage to Machu Picchu. (B.L.D)

Benito fire ceremony DSC_4128 HV.jpg
Drone sun garden.jpg

Day 5, March 19

In today's yoga session we will focus on the 2nd energy center or Svadhistana Chakra. The center of desire, sensuality, and sexuality. The center of relationship, connection, and flow. After breakfast, the group will visit an ancient Inkan cave, located about 30 minutes from Willka T’ika. We will hike about 25 minutes up steep Inkan stairs to this cozy cave site. This spot has been marinating in sacred energy for a very long time. The remains of an old Inkan Chakana altar make this a great spot for meditation. In our meditation will continue to focus on the elements of your life that connect with the Svadhistana Chakra. This will take the place of our afternoon meditation.

On this full moon celebration day, at 3:30pm, a PanchDanza with a spiritually attuned professional dancer from Cusco will be offered. She will lead the group on a wonderful dance through each Chakra Gardens. This breakthrough, fun, and uplifting program assists to release negative energies replacing them with clear higher vibrations. Svadhistana is also associated with the full moon as its element is water and the full moon has a strong effect on the tides. How can it not have some effect on us when our bodies are more than half water! Svadhistana's element is also H2O.

WTCF girl doing remote homework_edited.jpg

Day 6, March 20

Today's transformation focuses on the Manipura Chakra located around the navel in the body. This center governs our ability to manifest, make things happen, and live out our dreams. It is the center of action! Today is also a day of Ayni, or reciprocity, energy exchange. We will drive through the Sacred Valley to a Quechua mountain school supported by the non-profit Willka T’ika Children’s Fund. Since 1995, Willka T’ika has maintained contact with and support for dedicated schoolteachers in isolated high mountain communities where few tourists are privileged to visit. In an ayni exchange, the group will offer an interactive activity for the Quechua children. Start thinking about your favorite childhood games and ways we could raise funds for the Willka T'ika Children's Fund! The warmth and heart-warming joy of the children and their openness in bringing guests into their daily lives are moments not easily forgotten. Enjoy a picnic lunch with a stunning view.

We will continue with our guide to the spectacular ruins of P’isaq. Overlooking impressive Incan terraces where we can hike to the Temple of the Sun, a doorway to the upper Andean world of the Condor, the messenger of the Gods. Who better to support your dreams than Gods! Return to the main square of P’isaq by bus (or hike if the trail is open) and visit the famous, colorful market filled with woven goods, jewelry, wall hangings, and hand-painted beadwork. Enjoy café or tea in the market square where you can observe colorfully dressed campesinos wearing traditional clothing coming to barter and sell their produce. P’isaq is a photographer’s dream. Return to Willka T’ika with time for a late afternoon meditation in the Manipura Chakra Garden before dinner. (B.L.D)

Day 7, March 21

Optional early morning yoga. Early breakfast. Morning tourist train to Aguas Calientes, the gateway to the majestic terraces of Machu Picchu. Tea/coffee and a  snack will be served on the train. Enjoy an enlightening tour of the ancient “City of Light.” Experience a journey through the masculine energy temples of political and spiritual power, followed by a deep reconnection of feminine earth energies.

Open afternoon to hike or explore Machu Picchu. Hike to the Incan Inti Punku, gateway to the City of Light, or to the Incan Bridge. Stop, take photographs along the way and enjoy the magnificent views of the ancient city. We will see if we can do a group meditation honoring, once again, how far we have come and the sacred space in which we have landed. This may not be possible with the business of Machu Picchu these days.

6:30 p.m. Meet outside our hotel and walk to a fine restaurant in Aguas Calientes to enjoy a group dinner (B.D)

Machu Picchu stock.jpg

Day 8, March 22

A.M. Open morning in Machu Picchu with entrance ticket included, with an option to climb Machu Picchu Peak or Huayna Picchu Peak, depending on availability.  Machu Picchu has become extremely popular for tourists. There are some restrictions on where you can walk, or sit and meditate. That is why we may or may not be able to find a spot to sit and meditate together before the guards shoo us away. Return by bus to Aguas Calientes.  Lunch in town where ever your heart desires.

P.M.  Take an afternoon train back to Ollantaytampu, transfer to Willka T’ika in time for a late dinner, relaxation, and integration. (B.D)

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Sweat Lodge 2_edited.jpg

Day 9, March 23

This is a completely open day of integration and rest. The perfect time to come to the centre of our exploration, the Anahata Chakra, the Heart Centre where above and below meet in the body.

A.M. Yoga session with a Heart focus before breakfast.  After breakfast, optional Sweat Lodge & Plunge Pool experience, 4-6 guests max per sweat, $65 USD/p payable on-site. Other guests can enjoy scheduling a variety of spa services, also payable on-site.

Lunch at Willka T’ika.

P.M. After lunch, I will offer a really juicy Heart Centred meditation and Compassionate Inquiry in the Anahata Chakra Garden. Free time afterward where you can continue to relax, meditate or treat yourself to the spa services. (B.L.D)

Earth Garden meditation.jpg

Day 10, March 24

A.M. Our regular yoga session is offered before breakfast. Today's transformation continues with a focus on the Heart Centre, it's worthy of an extra day. After breakfast, visit the ceremonial site of Ollantaytampu and its famous Sun Temple. Enjoy walking the cobblestone streets of this quaint picturesque town. Lunch at Willka T’ika.

P.M. After Lunch, we will have a session in the Anahata Chakra Garden followed by group Cacao Ceremony. Cacao is a sacred “teacher” plant that helps open our hearts and connect with our higher Self. The delicious, chocolate beverage is prepared with love by WT staff and served in a musical, meditative ceremony by a shamanic facilitator.

The rest of your day is totally up to you. Dinner will be served at the regular time. (B.L.D)

Day 11, March 25

A.M. Todays focus is on creativity and communication! We enter the delicious world of Vissudha or the Throat Chakra. Early morning yoga, movement, breath, and awareness practices that support your creativity and communication all before breakfast ; )  After breakfast enjoy an Andean Art Workshop at Willka T’ika with their resident artist who created all the classical Andean murals and paintings on-site and whose artwork is found all over the world (offered as part of your Sacred Valley Retreat, no extra fee). After an introduction to his creative process, create your own artwork to take home. All supplies provided. (3-person minimum) Or you may choose to continue to explore the surrounding area or relax in the gardens of Willka T'ika.

P.M. Enjoy Lunch at Willka Tika. After lunch join me for meditation and personal inquiry into areas in your life where you are a great listener or communicator and areas that need some love. We will meet in the Vishuda Chakra Garden, followed by free time to relax.  After dinner, join a Sound Healing that has the power to penetrate our habitual thought patterns, permitting us to reduce our mental activity and reach a profound state of relaxation. With a variety of beautiful instruments from around the world, our talented musician will help you balance your mental and physical equilibrium and reach a place of internal harmony. Sound can be cleansing for all of the chakras, especially Vishuda as its element is sound.

Pacha Ñawi DSC_4022 HV_edited.jpg

Day 12, March 26

A.M. Today's focus is the Ajna Chakra located at the third eye centre. It is the centre of intuition & perception. As we come to the top of the energetic pathway of the body we start to transcend the physical realms. Today our practices will be more still and quiet focusing on more subtle forms of energy in our systems.

After breakfast, an optional guided hike is offered to Urubamba to visit the busy market with its variety of Andean products, and the famous Seminario pottery studio. Hike or take a motor taxi back to Willka T’ika for 3 soles/taxi ($1).

1:00 p.m. Enjoy lunch at Willka T’ika. After lunch, I will meet you for one of our last group sessions in the Ajna Chakra Garden. Afterward, you may schedule a variety of Andean Spa treatments to heal and soothe the body.

With dinner, a joyful classical Andean musical celebration is offered by talented local musicians. This is the last day our guide will be with us so we will have a special goodbye to him/her.  (B.L.D)

Maud solar bath.jpg
Willka Tika Crown Chakra Garden_edited.jpg

Day 13, March 27

Today is about spaciousness, integration and understanding. I invite you to spend this day, or the majority of it in silence. We will begin our last morning all together in the yoga studio. Our final focal point is the crown chakra or Sahasrara. As a sojourner, you were called to the Sacred Valley. Today is dedicated to you and offered as a gift. In silence, explore an inner journey in the Chakra Gardens—a day to relax and enjoy the pure, sacred energies of Pachamama. Feel her embrace and allow the Divine Goddess to whisper her guidance, wisdom and divine messages to your soul. Allow them to penetrate deeply into your heart and lovingly take them home with you. Enjoy personal healing work and spa treatments or, if you have something left on your list of adventures other optional local activities can be arranged on-site with concierge service.

We will meet after lunch in the Sahasrara Garden, under the 1000 year old Lucuma tree, the catalyst for this beautiful retreat centre in its beginning stages and the Grandmotherly wisdom that has continued to guide Willka T'ika's journey and your own. 

5:30 PM: Group orientation meeting is offered before dinner with shaman for those staying on for optional San Pedro extension.

6:30 Dinner: If you have chosen silence this is when we will release it as we share our last moment in Willka T'ika together. After dinner we will have a closing celebration with a fire ceremony led by Me just for you. (B.D)

Sacred Valley Rainbow.jpg

Day 14, March 28

10:00 a.m. Check-Out Time.  One group bus transfer takes the group of guests departing this day to the Cusco airport to fly home.


Additional costs apply for an individual transfer for guests with earlier or later departures.


San Pedro Extension

8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. San Pedro Ceremony day is facilitated with our trusted and experienced Shaman on-site at Willka T’ika, followed by a light dinner. The ceremony is $180 USD/person, payable in cash on site.

I will also be participating so will hand the reigns of leadership over to our Shaman and Willka T'ika for the rest of our stay. (B.D)

Sacred Valley Rainbow.jpg
Bonuses You Get When You Join Today
WTCF boy child.jpg
  • optimal health & altitude prep pranayama course ($900)

  • cocoa ceremony ($45)

  • amazing new friends (priceless)

Total Value: $945.00

Payment Options

I am listing the prices in US dollars because that is the currency I have to pay. The Canadian dollar has been bouncing around quite a bit lately, so I have added a link to the Bank of Canada EXCHANGE RATES. Keep an eye on the rates as soon as you think you would like to join our adventure! Also, keep an eye on DEADLINES:

EARLY BIRD DEADLINE - December 15th, 2022


REGISTER WITHOUT A LATE FEE ($150 USD) - January 10th, 2023


When you are ready to purchase your spot, click on the register button. Fill out the form and I will email you an PayPal invoice for you to pay in full. 

Luxury 2Queens DSC_9426 KL_edited.jpg

Shared Occupancy

  • All-inclusive retreat.

  • Luxury Accommodations: two queen beds, one king bed (couples), or three twin/double beds

  • 14 days, 13 nights

Early Bird Price: $4,653.39 USD

Until Dec 15th



$ 5,043.39 USD after Dec 15th

Save $500 cad

Luxury King accommodations.jpg

Single Occupancy

  • All-inclusive retreat.

  • Luxury Accommodations: king, queen or double beds assigned in order of registration.

  • 14 days, 13 nights


Early Bird Price: $5,821.67 USD

Until Dec 15th



$6,211.67 USD after Dec 15th

Save $500 cad

Don't wait too long! I am only taking 12 Soulful Adventurers!

5 spaces have been spoken for. 

San Pedro Extension

Shared Occupancy

  • Two extra days and nights

  • Day-long San Pedro Plant Medicine Ceremony ($180 USD paid on-site)

  • Day of Integration



$291.99 USD

Don Benito offering.jpg

San Pedro Extension

Single Occupancy

  • Two extra days and nights

  • Day-long San Pedro Plant Medicine Ceremony ($180 USD paid on-site)

  • Day of Integration



$493.38 USD


What This Includes

  • luxury accommodations

  • gourmet vegetarian meals

  • daily yoga, meditation, and personalized psycho-spiritual support

  • a trilingual guide dedicated to our group

  • multiple excursions exploring the ancient cities, temples, and sacred sites of the Sacred Valley

  • all scheduled group travel

  • visit to and support children from a secluded mountain school

  • two days at Macchu Picchu, the City of Light

  • visit a school and the children supported by the W.T. Children's Fund

  • Ancient Andean Fire Ceremony

  • PanchDanza Ceremony on the Full Moon

  • Cacao Ceremony

  • Sound Healing Ceremony

  • Andean Art Workshop

  • Traditional Andean Music Celebration

  • Traditional Yogic Closing Fire Ceremony

What This Doesn't Include

  • flights to and from Cusco (I am working with a travel agent to get the best deals)

  • individual pick-ups and drop-offs ($30 - $60 per person)

  • spa treatments - 

  • coca leaf readings

  • private healing sessions with a Shaman, ($100 - $150 USD)

  • meals in Cusco on the first two days

  • Lunches on the two days in Machu Picchu

  • Personal motor taxis to explore the Sacred Valley on free days (3 soles/1 USD)

  • San Pedro Plant Medicine Ceremony (for those staying the two extra days - $180 USD/Person)

Sacred Valley Rainbow.jpg

"We're all just walking each other home."

Ram Dass

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