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Why Retreat with Me?

You have a niggling there is more to this thing called Life.

Something has been calling you.

You love being in nature.

You aren't afraid of a little adventure.

You are deeply spiritual or desire to be.

You have some healing to do.

You love yoga but wonder how the way you feel after a yoga class transfers into a more conscious life off the mat.

You want to learn more about the compassionate, holistic healing capacity of

non-dual yoga,

Internal Family Systems (IFS),

Transparent Communication,

iRest Yoga Nidra,

and Reiki energy healing.

You aren't sure what but something about Me resonates with something inYou.

If any or all of this resonates, you are in the right space. 


My mission is to create simple, actionable protocols that teach people to be fully Present because

Presence = Love.

Love for yourself, love for another, love for everyone.

Presence = Love = Healing

Individually & Globally

True Presence erases separation.



Non-Dual Yogic Philosophy, Psychology & Spirituality

Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS)

Transparent Communication

iRest Yoga Nidra

Reiki Energy Healing



To be supported by the sacred energies of Mother Nature.

To support focused transformation & community building.

To be nourished, replenished, and better able to meet yourself, others, & the world from a place of simplicity, patience, and compassion.


I envision an amazing community of empowered women who, through the simple Power of Presence, heal themselves and, thus, the world.

When one person finds peace within, a ripple begins. When we find peace together ...


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