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Beyond Reiki Trainings

Personal Transformation that Supports you in Becoming an Amazing Reiki Practitioner

The only Reiki trainings scheduled at this time are in the Attuned Retreat in Peru, April 3 - 16, 2024. I may add more and I may get Levels I & II online. We shall see what life presents. If you are interested in a training please let me know.

Beyond Reiki - Level I

Level I is a beautiful introduction to the magical world of energy. This training focuses on you and your personal transformation.

When you have finished you will:

  • be a Reiki practitioner

  • learn your first Reiki Symbol, it's mantra and how to use it

  • be a part of a supportive community that practices and grows together

  • have the gift of Reiki Healing as well as many yogic and psychological tools to support your continued growth and transformation.

Reiki Healing

Beyond Reiki - Level II

Level II takes you deeper into the more subtle aspects of energy, yours and the energy of others. In this training, you will:

  • learn two more Reiki symbols

  • learn and practice how to do distance healing, Reiki flows beyond our perceived boundaries of time and space

  • deepen your understanding and experience of Reiki 

  • learn about subtle body energy systems: chakras, mudra, and mantra

  • continue to experience the healing practices of Reiki, Yoga, and psycho-spiritual therapies for your personal transformation

Beyond Reiki - Level III

Level III, also known as Reiki Masters, is focused on the Spiritual. It is the most subtle of all the levels.

You will learn

  • the Spiritual Symbol

  • the Attunement Symbol

  • how to initiate others into Reiki Healing

  • continue to deepen your own personal psycho-spiritual-energetic healing

  • how to teach Reiki

Reiki Therapy
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